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Beam Central Vacuum System

Beam Central Vacuum System thoroughly cleans any floor surface and virtually anything above the floor. A Beam system is very effective at removing dirt and allergens because it has a larger, more powerful motor than another Vacuum system up to five times more powerful. Particles are completely removed from living areas and carried to a canister in the garage or basement for a cleaner home, and healthier lives. The new improved design provides more power to vacuum system and improve air quality for home.

 Beam Central Vacuum system includes:-

  • Power Team
  • Power Unit
  • Accessories
  • Air Filtration
Contact Silent Maid authorized dealers of Beam Central Vacuum System to Install, Repair or Service. You can rest assured the job will be done right the first time.

Beam Serenity IQS 3700A is an intelligent central vacuum system that brings fresh thinking to central vacuums. At 600 air watts this unit offers very high performance cleaning for homes up to 7,000 sq. feet.

  • ATLIS Intake Technology
  • Sealed Suction: 140” water lift
  • Air Flow: 125 CFM
  • Air Power: 600 Air Watts
  • Utility inlet provided on unit
  • Filter: permanent, self-cleaning filter
  • Motor: 120 volts, 14.5 max amps
  • Size: 11” diameter 42” high
  • Dimensional Weight: 59 lbs.
  • Max amps: 14.5
  • Sound level: 72.3 dBA
  • 4-gallon, semi-translucent dirt bucket made with alphas ant


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